Fire & Ice Festival 2023

Saturday, January 28th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Please Join Us!

It’s been a bumpy road for the festival these last couple of years, considering interruptions for Covid and the Blizzard of ’22. So you can imagine just how super-stoked we are to be coming back full strength this year. Check back here day by day as we add more and more details to the event-offerings this year. Yes, there will be a Chili Cook-off. We’ve got some great chefs lined up already. And yes, a bunch of beautiful ice blocks will be carved this year too.

Snoop around the site to look back at recent festivals (we have years of pictures on tap). You’ll also find what we did to honor the event when we were prevented from the full-deal, radical, out-doors in the cold, partying, activities, and art exhibit event. And mark you calendars for Saturday, Jan. 28th, when we’ll be doing all of that again.

ABOVE: From Friday January 28th, 2022, before the blizzard blew in. Did you get to see the Ice Sculptures in January of 2022? If not, we took some nice pictures of them, as placed throughout the Mount Holly downtown, on the day before the scheduled festival. We we’re hoping that some might emerge from their snow coverings to be viewed that following week.

Ha ha. Winter decided to show up with rain for the 2020 Rainy Day Fire and Ice Festival. The carvings were actually quite beautiful as the edges softened. And the Chili rocked!