Fire & Ice Festival

ABOVE: From Friday January 28th, before the blizzard blew in. Did you get to see the Ice Sculptures from this year? If not, we took some nice pictures of them, as placed through the Mount Holly downtown, on the day before the scheduled festival. We’re hoping that some may emerge from their snow coverings to be viewed this coming week.

From the 2020 Rainy Day Festival. The carvings were actually quite beautiful as the edges softened.

Unfortunately – Friday January 28, 2022

Well, it’s official: The governor of New Jersey has declared a State of Emergency starting this evening and continuing through all of tomorrow, Saturday, the 29th. From Fox 29: “Gov. Murphy urged residents to stay home if possible, and leave roads empty to allow road crews to do their jobs. If supplies are needed before the storm, Murphy asked that residents stock up before snow begins to fall.”This declaration makes it difficult for us to act independently, as we don’t want to be liable for anything that might go wrong for attendees, volunteers, or others. It is also true that many of the aforementioned might smartly choose not to participate. So the 2022 Fire and Ice Committee regretfully announces that the full Festival as planned will not happen this year. That said, we positioned the Ice Sculptures throughout Mount Holly today and they will be in place for as long as they last. Today, Friday, might be an opportunity for some to browse the town and take in the sights. And of course, when officials indicate and you feel secure traveling, then you may find the sculptures well intact for many days.

Previous announcement from morning of Friday, January 28th

The 2022 Fire and Ice Festival is scheduled for this weekend, Saturday January 29, 2022 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, in downtown Mount Holly, NJ. Alas, as the reader has undoubtedly heard, weather predictions have the east coast getting walloped by Winter Storm Kenan, a major nor’easter packing blizzard conditions, starting sometime Friday evening. This has led to many inquiries from dedicated festival goers, who want to know what might happen to the event this year. Of course the event committee continues to monitor the situation and consult with authorities. We have no control of those authorities. Should local or state authorities declare an emergency or issue an edict specifically on the status of the festival based on cars, parking, sidewalk conditions or other concerns, then of course that will make the decision for us. But we continue to hope that the storm will prove milder than its worst case, in which case se will not be deterred. We hope to post answers on the status of the festival here today as events unfold.

All of the above said, the Ice Blocks have already been delivered to Mt Holly and can be toured starting today.

This event is a free family friendly fun tradition.


On the last Saturday of January, every year now for 28 years, Mount Holly plays host to about a dozen professional ice carvers from up and down the east coast, an equal number of professional chili chefs plus a wide variety of interesting entertainment for young, old and everyone in between.   The ice carvers transform 300 pound blocks of ice into beautiful crystalline works of art, right before your eyes, throughout town, beginning at 10:00 and continuing until 4:00 p.m.  This annual free family friendly event makes for a great day to knock around Mount Holly. And yes, lots of photo opportunities. Post (and find) your pictures on social media with the hashtag #FandINJ.