The Ice

The Ice Carving Festival takes place outdoors, in the Business District on High Street and in the Mill Race Village on White Street, where visitors can watch as professional ice carvers transform 300 pound blocks of ice into beautiful crystalline works of art.

The is year the carvers in action suffered under the rain. But they made a good showing of it and ice was on display through Mt. Holly. Here are the carver for 2020. Thank you!

Rob Lo Furno, carver coordinator – 2 blocks. Rob was our coordinator; but he also carved a piece under the tents at the corner lot across from Robin’s Nest, near to where all of the sponsor blocks were staged.

Clyde Yoder and Todd Dedman carver 1 and 2 – 1 block each.

Dave Johnston carver 3 – 1 block.

Eduardo (Eddie) Jayala, carver 4 – 1 block.

Andrew and Eric Lo Furno – carver 5 and 6 – 3 blocks – These two young men carved under the gazebo about ½ way up High Street across from Vincent’s Ice Cream.

Rich Daly and Logan Daly, carver 7 and 8 – 3 blocks. Rich Daly & his son Logan carved under tents in front of The Union. Rich did a piece that looked like a wild animal out of Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are.

Don Lowing, of carvers 9 and 10 – 3 blocks (carver #10 did not carve).

Erik Cantine and Dakota Linton, carvers 11 and 12 – 3 blocks.

Yes, we had some rain in 2020, which gave this fish the very glistening look we would expect him to have!

Past Festivals


2019 Participating Ice Carvers

Kirk Clemens

Teri Dickerson

Erik Cantine

Clyde Yoder

Dave Johnston

Andrew Lo Furno

Eric Lo Furno

Todd Dedman

Rob Lo Furno (ice coordinator)